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Autumn Glances Back

Project type

poetry drama, physical theatre


February 2023





In an open space by lakeside, there is a party going to happen. A girl, holding a bunch of flower, passes by and thinks of the time of waiting for Autumn. A man approaches, picking up the flowers dropped from the girl. He thinks of his parents. A boy walks near and sees. There's pain of breaking through in his heart, but he wants to love everyone as always. At a night with breezing, the strangers meeting here decide to celebrate with joy.
This piece of work is commissioned by and performed in 2023 Liwan Poetry Festival and Guangzhou Literary Walk <The Light upon the Lake: Behind Time and All Things>.

Actors: Feng Yunshan, Wang Ruihui, Wu Zilan, Xie Jiajin
Text: Adam Zagajewski, Yehuda Amichai, Rilke, Elizabeth Jennings, Osip Mandelshtam, Mary Oliver
Movement Design: Wu Zilan, Xie Jiajin
Sound Design: Jin Chen


演员:冯韵珊 王瑞辉 吴梓岚 谢嘉⾦
肢体设计:吴梓岚 谢嘉⾦

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