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Face Shadow 2.0

Project type

dance theatre


March 2023





This production is a combination of masks and physical theatre. It dives into the mental world of the elderly, and it thinks about time and life.
Sophia, Helen and Grandpa Haiyu are from different families. Uncle Sam is a middle-aged man. His interactions with the 3 seniors shows another point of view, represents the group that is entering their late years, the relationship between this group and their father generation, and their psychology of facing ageing.

Producer Liang Lizhen
Choreographer Xiao Zhiren
Theatre Consultant Jin Chen
Dancers Bin Shaoyan, Pan Yuxi, Zhang Jumin, Chang Like
Music Xiao Zhiren
Costumes Xiao Zhiren

Co-produced by Guangzhou Opera House & Zhiren Experimental Theatre


制作人 梁丽珍
编舞 肖智仁
戏剧顾问 陈晶晶
舞者 宾少妍,潘禹汐,张矩民,昌立柯
音乐 肖智仁
服装 肖智仁
联合制作 广州大剧院&智仁实验剧场

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