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Behind A Door Under The Moonlight





Project type

site-specific theatre
physical theatre



As the Poetry Theatre unit of the second Huangpu Poetry and Music Gala, the text of this piece is consisted of 5 poems: Enter the Mountain, Mid-August at Sourdough Mountain Lookout, A Night in August, Beyond the Chirm in Summer, Reunion. The work is designed based on the performing space — the rice field and plank road, in order to create the poetic vibe under the moonlight on the rice field. Beginning with the figure reading a friend’s letter, he takes on a journey of entering the field, looking into mountains in distance, meeting the cool water, meeting delightful companions, and meeting a graceful ritual. Each meeting means a farewell, and also a reunion.

Actors: Feng Yunshan, Wang Ruihui, Wu Zilan, Tan Yujie, Xie Jiajin
Text: Ya Shi, Gary Snyder, Francis Ponge, Emily Dickinson, Lan Lan
Movement Design: Wu Zilan, Xie Jiajin
Sound Design: Chen Hongli
Video Design: Lu Hengcheng
Set Design: Xiong Chunhong


演员:冯韵珊 王瑞辉 吴梓岚 谭⽟洁 谢嘉⾦
⽂本:哑⽯ 加⾥.斯奈德 弗朗⻄斯·蓬热 艾⽶莉·狄⾦森 蓝蓝
肢体设计:吴梓岚 谢嘉⾦

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