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The Basic Ingredients of Love Tragedies






FEI Gallery

Project type

physical theatre



Grandparents who got stuck at traditional values from the village, young female dancer who faces the conflict on values for sex while studying abroad, a girl who encounters emotional abuse, lovers who step into games and manipulation… 6 slides of different love stories are flowing inside a brain.
What is love that we are pursuing? Are we in love with the idea of ‘love’, or the specific person? Or are we just enjoying the processing of chasing love? To what extent our love is influenced by the society and its culture? If in another culture, what we feel painful in love for simply doesn’t exist or isn’t logical, would we still feel painful? What are we really feel painful for? Do you really know about love that you are chasing?

Physical theatre The Basic Ingredients of Love Tragedies is a creative collaboration between Jin Chen and Zhiren Experimental Theatre, hoping to explore diversity of expression for dancers and bring richer and deeper form and angles for thinking, through combining physical expression and contemporary theatre acting.

Movement Director: Xiao Zhiren
Actors: Bin Shaoyan, Pan Yuxi, Dai Wei, Xiao Zhiren
Sound Design: Jin Chen
Video Design: Jin Chen

困于村⼦⾥封建观念的爷爷奶奶,跨国舞蹈的⾯临性观念冲突的年轻⼥舞者,亲密关系⾥的冷暴⼒,在游戏中追逐认可⽽不⾃觉陷⼊操纵的情侣…… 6个形⾊各异的爱情故事的切⽚在脑内涌动。
我们苦苦追寻的爱情,究竟是什么?我们是在爱“爱情”这个概念,还是爱具体的这个⼈?抑或只是在享受追逐爱情这个过程?我们的爱多⼤程度上受社会⽂化影响? 如果在另⼀种社会⽂化⾥,我们为爱情痛苦的点不存在,不成⽴,那么我们还会痛苦吗?在痛苦什么?关于你追逐的爱情,你真的了


演员:宾少妍 潘禹汐 戴维 肖智仁

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